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"In the USA some women have become aware of this oppression and have rebelled against it. ...in 1966, Betty Friedan founded NOW, a liberal reforming feminist organization that was soon outstripped by more radical movements set up by younger women. ...the appearance of Women's Lib in the autumn of 1968 -- the Women's Liberation Movement, which was joined by large numbers of them.  Others groups were formed too.  This new feminism made itself known by means of demonstrations, some of them spectacular, others less so, and by a flood of literature -- quantities of articles and books, including Kate Millett's Sexual Politics, Shulamith Firestone's Dialectic of Sex, Robin Morgan's collection of studies called Sisterhood is Powerful, and Germaine Greer's The Female Eunuch. What these women are demanding is not a superficial emancipation but the 'decolonization of women'... The movement spread far and wide in the USA, and it has reached other countries, particularly Italy and France, where the MLF (Mouvement de Liberation des Femmes) has been growing since 1970."

-- Simone de Beauvoir, All Said and Done, 1972

Simone de Beauvoir (on right) with militants of the Mouvement de Liberation des Femmes
at the day of Denunciation of Crimes Committed Against Women,
Paris, May 13, 1972.
(Photo by Mariza de Athayde, in Feminist Revolution)
Feminist Revolution authors Kathie Sarachild and Claudine Serre with
Helene de Beauvoir, Simone de Beauvoir's sister, in New York City in 1979.